4 reasons all Christians should spread the word of God

4 reasons all Christians should spread the word of God

In a noisy world saturated with more and more information by the second, it seems the louder you are, the more you get noticed. The more you conform, the more accepted you are. As the world gets more secular, we find the media raging with secular agendas, trying relentlessly to convince everyone else to agree with them. And if you don’t, you’re apparently intolerant, hateful, outdated, bigoted, judgemental and so on, no matter how loving or respectful you actually are.

Understandably, a lot of us don’t like conflict and we just want to keep quiet and mind our own business. It’s easier that way and way less stressful. Everyone else is allowed to express their opinion, after all. But as Christians, we shouldn’t be sitting back, watching and shaking our heads while we — and our God — get mocked and misrepresented.

The word of God is getting twisted on a daily basis, whether intentional or not. Sometimes, Christians themselves seem to condemn other Christians for simply speaking Biblical truths.

On the other hand, some people just haven’t heard the full message of God or they might not understand what they have heard or read.

We need to be getting our voices, and God’s word, out there.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Straight from the word of God Himself, here are some reasons why we should all be out there getting heard, whether evangelising or defending our faith.

1. Christians are called to spread the word out to all creation (Mark 16:15; Matthew 28:19–20; Psalm 105:1; Isaiah 12:4). I know it can be a nerve-wracking and just plain uncomfortable talking about faith in a sceptical world, especially if you’re new to Christianity or don’t like confrontation. How will others hear about Jesus if we don’t tell them? How will others understand about salvation if we don’t try to explain it to them?

Not everyone is called to be a preacher, missionary or apologist but we are ALL called to spread the word. You can always start off small; you never know where God will lead you. Share your testimony with someone. Share or even just ‘like’ some social media posts. Support others who are doing the grunt work out there. The important thing is to start and take the first step in faith and obedience.

2. Christians are the light of the world (Matthew 5:14–16). Though there are a lot of non-Christians doing good deeds out there, the world can still be a dark and hateful world. For a quick example, just read the news or look at the comments section of any social media post. There’s so much hate and abuse out there. So many horrible things happening and so many horrible things being said to one another.

We need to combat that by getting out there and being the light in the darkness. Spread some love in a sea of hate. Shine some light on a dark situation. Respond with gentleness and respect in any conversation or debate (1 Peter 3:15). Do good, when there is no other good being done. There’s no need for negativity or hate.

We are representatives of God. A loving God. As Christians, our good words reflect His glory. Our good actions reflect His glory. We’re supposed to shine in the darkness, not blend in with it.

3. Christians should be defending their faith (1 Peter 3:15). We’re told to be prepared to defend our faith for when anyone asks. That’s what the Bible is for (2 Timothy 3:16–17). We should read it, study it, remember it, so the words of God Himself are ingrained in our minds for when we need them.

4. We should fear God and obey His commands (Psalm 145:19; Psalm 147:11; Psalm 112:1; Psalm 128:1-4; Proverbs 15:16). Fear is a powerful emotion. Fear of judgement, abuse, ostracism, pain, awkwardness, conflict or discomfort can stop us from evangelising to others or speaking out when we need to. But at the end of the day, those who fear us into silence are only people and if God is with us, we have nothing to fear (Psalm 56:4; Psalm 118:6; Hebrews 13:6).

Now ask yourself this (and I’ll ask myself, too): would you rather face the judgement and punishment of man or the judgement and punishment of God?

As the world gets more secular, we should be getting more vocal about our faith. We all have the ability to speak up, to defend our faith, to share our faith, to glorify God; so why shouldn’t we?

What are some of the ways you like to spread the word of God?

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