About The Faith Notebook

The Faith Notebook is a Christian lifestyle blog for everyday women in Australia and all over the world.

Here we will explore all things Christian: God the Trinity, the Bible, theology, apologetics, salvation, gender roles — just to name a few — to inspire, equip and encourage us all in our individual and unique walks of faith.

We won’t just look at the stuff that makes us warm and fuzzy, as tempting as it is! We’ll dig deep and study all of our faith; the uncomfortable, heartbreaking, empowering, joyful and inspiring truths the Bible has to teach us, plus everything in between.

This isn’t about knowing all of the answers to life’s biggest questions, it’s about asking questions, discovering answers together and living them every day.

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The Faith Notebook mission

To spread the word of God, to glorify God in everyday life, and to encourage Christian women in their individual walks of faith.

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Who am I? Read more about me here, if you feel so inclined.

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Disclaimer: I’m not an expert, a pastor, a teacher or any other type of authority figure. I’m just an average joe (or is it jane?) inspired to learn about and spread the word of God. All posts refer back to the Christian Bible, however, I am only human… so if you spot an error of any kind, feel free to comment in the relevant post or contact me. Constructive criticism is always welcome!