Last minute Christmas gift ideas for Christians

If you’ve left your Christmas shopping a little too late this year and don’t want to spend hours frantically searching for presents amongst the crowds, here are some suggestions for Christianity-inspired Christmas gifts to help make the dreaded last-minute Christmas shopping a bit easier.

Cross necklace (or bracelet, or ring, you get the idea): This may be slightly cliché but it’s always a nice present nonetheless. The good thing about it is you should be able to visit any jewellery shop near you to find something.

Engraved jewellery: Again, this is a super easy gift idea because you can pop into any jewellery shop and find a nice piece of jewellery to engrave. You could engrave a Bible verse (if it fits), the verse number (eg John 3:16 or Phil 4:13), or even just words like ‘Faith Hope Love’.

Engraved photo frames: Pick out a nice photo, pick out a nice frame and pick a meaningful Bible verse (or again, just the verse number or meaningful words). You’ll be in and out of the shops before the crowds arrive.

Gift voucher to a Christian bookstore: Who doesn’t love a good old gift voucher? It’s easy and convenient for both the giver and recipient. If you know a good bookstore near you, then your job is half done. Otherwise, Koorong is a great bookstore that has books, DVDs, gifts, etc. and has locations all around Australia. You can also buy gift cards online or order Instant eGift Vouchers that can be sent to the recipient immediately.

Christian-inspired edible gifts: If your loved one has a sweet tooth or you just like to bake things, why not put your skills to use and make something delicious instead, with a Christian twist to it? There are so many options — you can bake cross-shaped cookies (or Jesus/angels, etc. if you can) decorate a cake or cupcakes with Christian-inspired words, or use alphabet moulds to create chocolate or candy messages (they should sell them at stores like Spotlight or Lincraft). Or you can even just make regular treats, put them in a nice jar and create Christian-inspired gift tags that celebrate the spirit of Christmas (if you’re stuck for words, think Christmas carols — ‘In excelsis deo’; ‘O Holy night’; ‘Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day’; ‘Glory to the newborn king’, to name a few examples). 

Handwrite a message on a DIY mug: Buy a DIY mug kit (such as this one from Typo) and handwrite a nice message on for your recipient. Bible verses are always a good option, or part of a verse (eg ‘Fearfully and wonderfully made’ from Psalm 139:14), or lyrics from Christian songs (eg ‘Amazing grace’). If you’re particularly creative, go crazy and draw something instead.

Handwrite a message on a DIY candle: If your family member or friend is more of a ‘candle person’, you can also buy DIY ceramic candle kits (you can also get these at Typo) and draw or write messages on the ceramic jar instead of a mug.

Personalised baubles: Pop up stores offering personalised baubles are all everywhere at the moment. Instead of personalising it with a name, get words such as ‘joy’ hand painted on instead. (Tip: You may want to check out what the recipient’s Christmas tree colour scheme is first! There’s no point in buying a silver bauble if their tree is covered in red and gold decorations.)

Donate to charity on their behalf: Christmas is all about giving, so what better way to celebrate Christmas than to give to the needy on behalf of a family member or friend? Most charities offer the option of buying gifts for the needy (these range from animals for food, mosquito nets, to Christmas gifts for underprivileged children; pretty much anything that helps those in need, depending on which charity you choose).

If you’re a last minute shopper, what is your favourite go-to present?

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